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Screen Composers Guild

Belgian composers of film, documentary, series and video games federate


Belgium is internationally known for its beers, chocolate and brothers film directors. But there’s of course a lot more to discover in Belgium. Film score composers are definitely not the least important.

With more than 60 members from the whole country, the Belgian Screen Composers Guild is the proof of the richness and the dynamism of this corporation. You’ll find in Belgium composers for any style of music, any kind of production, and nearly any kind of budget.

Thanks to the Federal Tax Shelter and the regional funds, Wallimage, Screen Flanders and Screen Brussels, international producers can find very attractive incentive to shoot or post-produce their films in Belgium.

But the most important is that you’ll find in Belgium wonderful orchestras, unbelievable recording studios, brilliant musicians, great orchestrators, reliable musical executive producers, advised music supervisors, and a tremendous choice of talented music composers, as this website will show you.

Paul Englebert

General Secretary

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