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Arthur Brouns is a composer, arranger, and music producer specializing in music for film, theater, and dance. His work is characterized by the integration of electronic and orchestral elements.

Recently, Arthur composed the soundtrack for the “Believe” series, which follows the Belgian Red Devils, contributed additional music to Netflix’s series ‘Encounters,’ and performed at the national concert hall, Bozar. Notable works include soundtracks for Wim Vandekeybus’ “Blood Wedding,” commissioned by the International Theater of Amsterdam, and “Infamous Offspring,” co-created with Warren Ellis and ILA.

Starting his journey in electronic music at an early age, Arthur gained recognition by performing at events like Tomorrowland and other festivals across Europe from the age of seventeen. He has since worked with prestigious orchestras such as the Budapest Film Orchestra, Galaxy Symphony Orchestra, and the European Recording Orchestra, expanding his skills in composition, orchestration, music production, and arrangement.

Currently, Arthur focuses on producing music for motion pictures and media, collaborating with clients such as Netflix, Nike, and TED-Ed. He is also actively involved in live projects, where he performs and showcases his music with his newly formed Cortex Ensemble. Additionally, Arthur teaches Music Technology at the Film Scoring Academy of Europe. His dedication and innovative approach make him a young and promising composer to watch.


Latest Films & Series:

– Trokas Duras (2024)
– Dance Me To The End (2024)
– Somnium (2024)
– Encounters (2023)
– Believe (2023)
– Nymphose (2023)

Score supervisor for Michelino Bisceglia:

– The Price of Money: A Largo Winch Adventure (2024) – Music by Frédéric Vercheval
– The Green Border (2023) – Music by Frédéric Vercheval
– L’Opera (2022)
– My Sailor, My Love (2022) – Music by Michelino Bisceglia
– Charlotte (2021) – Music by Michelino Bisceglia