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Frédéric Vercheval was born in Brussels. He started to play the keyboard at the age of eight, musician, composer and arranger of film music. Frédéric has composed the soundtracks for multiple feature films. Teaches between 2011 and 2018 analysis of film music at the IAD.
Frédéric Vercheval was nominated for the Magritte du cinéma for Best Original Score five times for DIAMANT 13 Gilles Béhat (2009, with Gérard Depardieu), KRACH Fabrice Genestal (2010, with Gilles Lellouche and Michael Madsen), PAS SON GENRE Lucas Belvaux (2014, with Emilie Dequenne), MELODY Bernard Bellefroid (2016, with Lucie Debay, Rachael Blake). CHEZ NOUS Lucas Belvaux (2018, with Emilie Dequenne, André Dussolier).
His soundtrack for the film DUELLES won a World Soundtrack Award in 2019 and a
Magritte du Cinema for best original score in 2020




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