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Dries Versmissen is a versatile Belgian composer and performing musician known for his vibrant scores that range from pure electronic compositions to symphonic orchestrations. During his studies at LUCA School of Arts, Dries began composing for short films and experimenting with sound design. He later pursued an International Master’s program in Composition for Screen, studying in Belgium, Italy, and later France.

In addition to his formal education, Dries worked as an assistant to Steve Willaert, one of Belgium’s most prolific screen composers, contributing to various features and music projects.

Dries’s music is inspired by the visuals he works with, letting them guide his creative process to produce scores that truly enhance the narrative journey. His compositions span a wide range of media projects, including fiction, animation, documentaries, advertisements, and song arrangements.


Short Films:
  • Die Täuschung (2024)
  • Sous Les Draps (2024)
  • Plankenkoorts (2023)
  • Alleen Voor Ons (2023)
  • Night By Night (2021)
  • Mellan Vacío (2020)
  • La Ruelle (2018)
  • Meer Dan Bloed (2018)
  • Blanksy (2020)
  • Dynamo (2018)
  • Lucid Dreamers (2023)
  • Cookie Break (2023)
  • Flipper’s Chase (2021)
Black and White Film / Cine Concert:
  • 9 ½ (2022)