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Yannick Schyns is a Belgian musician based in Brussels. He performs his musical activities as a jazz pianist in various projects, in addition to his activities as a composer and arranger.

He is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in jazz piano. He also holds a master degree as ‘Film director’ (INSAS).

His many activities in fields as diverse as jazz, soul music, classical music, orchestral arrangement, French chanson, cabaret, or theater music and movie soundtrack, gradually make him an eclectic musician whose musical language is impregnated with all these influences.

Yannick is a junior and talented composer from the Guild.

« Edward et Léa » short by Arthur Hermans 2016

« Ineffaçable » short by Grégory Lecocq 2015

Prix du Jury (Prix de la compétition belge) Festival International du Film de Bruxelles 2015

« Premiers Pas » short by Grégory Lecocq 2012

Meilleure musique de film pour « Premiers pas », 10ème festival international du film de Naoussan (Grèce)