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Tim Gouverneur


Tim GOUVERNEUR was born in 1983 in Montignies-Sur-Sambre (Charleroi) . He came from a scientific background and studied physics at the University of MONS-HAINAUT until 2005. However , music diverted him from his scientific studies. This self-taught musician took his first steps in electronic music. He went to the Royal Conservatory of Mons where he followed the classes given by C. Ledoux, G. Gobert, W. Kissine, and J.-P. Deleuze.

He has composed many pieces of music. The most important ones include a cycle of dances for piano, « Le Petit Dancing en Bois » (Sextuor) « Danse Insomniaque for l3 Instruments », « Les Oreilles de Midas » ( for large ensembles ) , « La Danse d’Aristophane » (for seven instruments ) and numerous miniatures for all types of groups. He was awarded a prize at the ninth Rencontres Internationales de Compositions Musicale in Cergy-Pontoise for a piece for soprano and ensemble on a poem by A. Chedid. In 2012, he took part in the Ars Musica Festival where « Danse Insomniaque for l3 instruments » was played by Musiques Nouvelles, an ensemble conducted by J-P. Dessy. In 2013, his piece « Lapsus » was played at the VIA Festival in Mons. In the Same year his « Dances for Piano for Four Hands » was played in a Series of Concerts given by N. Momitani and T. Honda. Since 2014, he has reconnected with his earlier inspirations and re-immersed himself in electronic music without losing sight of the world of contemporary music.

Tim is member of the “General Score” composer team.

Tim is a junior and very promising composer from the guild.

Phobies: short film directed by Anthony Tueni

Terra Massonica: documentary directed by Tristan Bourlard

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