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Stéphane Orlando


Since 2001 Stéphane Orlando is providing film music for the Royal Film Archive of Belgium (Cinematek).

In this capacity as accompanist, he experienced the important principles involved with creating sound to fit an image thus responding to the needs of the drama or theme of the film.  

Today, he composes and conduct his music for long and short features or documentaries.

Stéphane Orlando has a strong knowledge of classical, jazz and traditional music, and he enjoys using all the expressive possibilities of the instruments in refined orchestrations.

Former President of the Belgian Society for Musical Analysis, he is the current President of the Belgian Composers Forum.


Silences et Eternité, Lestrappistines de Chimay, a documentary by EmmanuelAllaer, Jean-Michel Dehon and Joël Leclercq (RTBF, 2018)

Au soleil de la colo, Jean-Michel Leheu, 2014

Fin de siècle, UCL, 2002


Johnny la trouille, Maxime Pistorio, 2012

Conocer, Alejandra Canales, 2006

​Experimental film

Yalniz, Laurent Thurin-Nal, 2015

Table Talk, Daniel Locus, 2009

Animated film

Leopold, Roi des Belges, Mad Cat studio, animated film by Cédric Vandresse (ARTE, 2018)

Hold Duck, Thomas Delache, Maxime Vannienschoot, Joao Batista, 2007

Silent film (piano, duo, trio or orchestra)

More than 500 silent films accompanied for the Royal Film Archives of Brussels and many other cultural centers, including :

The Kid, Charlie Chaplin

Jeanne d’Arc, Carl Theodor Dreyer

Battleship Potemkine, Sergeï Eisenstein

The Fall of the House of Usher, Jean Epstein

Sherlock Jr, Buster Keaton

The Général, Buster Keaton

Metropolis, Fritz Lang

Safety Last, Harold Lloyd

Sunrise, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

Mother, Vsevolod Pudovkine

The little match seller, Jean Renoir

The Merry Widow, Erich von Stroheim

The Man with a Camera, Dziga Vertov

The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, R. Wiene

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