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Born in 1981, I live in the beautiful town of Limbourg.

I love composing screen music !

I usually write orchestral music but it depends on the type of project and the wishes of the director.

I worked mainly on short films and commercials. It’s a great way to learn the trade and it offers beautiful encounters.

I also compose music for video games with a big interest !
I like the freedom and the diversity offered by this medium.

I appreciate teamwork and constructive exchanges and I adapt easily to people and projects.


Festival Inernational du Film de COmÈdie de LiËge
Ceremony music & Ads, 2015-2018

World of Nyms
Video game, 2016

SacrÈ Charlemagne
Movie soundtrack, 2015

Promation CanapÈ
Movie soundtrack, 2013

Le Clown AbandonnÈ
Movie soundtrack, 2012
Best Soundtrack Award in F.I.C Epinal

Block 66
Movie soundtrack 2011