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Ruben De Gheselle (1991) is a film composer and has mainly focused on writing music for animated movies and documentaries, keeping color and character development always on the top of his mind. He composed music for public institutions (e.g. Centre Pompidou, The Guardian, (…)), private organisations (e.g.  Playmobil, Night of the Proms, (…)) and internationally renowned ensembles and soloists. His concert works have already been heard in several of Belgium’s national venues such as deSingel, Flagey, Concertgebouw Brugge  & de Bijloke Muziekcentrum. 

Whilst studying classical composition at the KASK & Conservatory of Ghent, he worked on his first animated film by Robbe Vervaeke, NORMAN. One year later, it would get the ‘Crystal for Best Debut’ at the well-known Annecy International film festival. Several films, concert works, art-projects and theatre pieces followed.  Since 2019, he has been increasingly addressed for feature film projects by international directors. A glance on the worldmap shows him active on projects from The United States, United Kingdom, Lithuania, France, Costa Rica, Sweden, Singapore. He worked together with Ilinca Calegueranu, Victor Ridley, Pieter Coudyzer, Maarten Moerkerke, Bee Tiam Tan, Wan Pooi Ling & Nathalie Alvarez Mesen, among others. Many of these feature films experienced notable premieres in the world’s leading film festivals such as Cannes International Film Festival, DOC NYC, Busan International Filmfestival (…).

Short/medium length film – animation:

ELENA (Birute Sodeikaite)  THE PASSERBY/DE PASSANT (Pieter Coudyzer), NORMAN  (Robbe Vervaeke),  GRANDMA/OMA (Karolien Raeymaekers), BEAST! (Pieter Coudyzer), I SHALL NOT MOVE  (Centre Pompidou – Pieter Coudyzer), REVERIE (Pieter Coudyzer), FIGHTING PABLO (Robbe Vervaeke) OUR SPOT (Pieter Coudyzer), DE ONBEKENDE SOLDAAT (Pieter Vanuffelen)

Short/medium length film – fiction & documentary:

ZOVEEL (Maarten Moerkerke, episode from Lockdown TV-series) COPS & ROBBERS   (linca Calugaeranu ) GAIA  (Christophe De Groef & Pierre Leo) BOTTOM-UP  (Joachim Dejonghe)), THE NEST  (Matthias De Bondt) ETOUFFES (Ely Chevillot) UNSEEN (as orchestrator, TV series),  THE WINDOW (as orchestrator, TV series), TU PRÉFÈRES RESTER SEULE (Victor Ridley – in production)

Feature film – fiction & documentary


BANVARD (Pieter Coudyzer – in production),  A COPS AND ROBBERS STORY  (Ilinca Calugareanu), TIONG BAHRU SOCIAL CLUB (Bee Tiam Tan),  CLARA SOLA (Nathalie Alvarez Mesen), MY ENDO (A Mad Production), RED ORCHESTRA (as orchestrator), ASILE (Victor Ridley)

Music Awards (won) (2021 – 2014)

2021 – THE PASSERBY – Best original score (monthly award)    Reale International Film Festival – IT
2016 – BEAST! –  Best original music – Annecy Film Festival – FR
2014 – NORMAN –  Best original music in european short movie – Anger Premier Plans – FR
2014 –Emile mathieu award for composition – School of Arts Ghent – BE

Other notable selections:

2019 –  “Wildlands”  named Choice of Klara – Klara – BE
2017 –  Selected as “BERLINALE Talent” – Berlinale – GE

Soundtrack/music nominations or selections (2021 – 2013)


2020 – THE PASSERBY – Best original music – Annecy Filmfestival – FR
2020 – GAIA – Best original music – Aubagne International Filmfest – FR
2016 – BEAST! –  Best original music – Annecy Filmfestival – FR
2014 – NORMAN – Best original music in european short movie – Anger Premier Plans – FR
2013  – NORMAN – Nominated for Leo Music Awards – Braunschweig – GE