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Since I was a child, I have been immersed in many musical genres. From classical music to 60s French music including musical poetry composed by William Sheller. I have quickly been keen to learn music.

As a teenager, I started to learn music. I also wanted to start to write my own music with my guitar. My computer subsequently has a prominent place in my work. This is the start for me to compose tracks in a mix of electronic and classical music.

I have been progressively meeting musicians, composers and filmmakers. I was part of many bands. And when I was 25 I decided to jump into the venture of composing original soundtracks. I wrote in particular series credits on the web, theatre plays credits, music for slide shows of pictures and tracks appearing in movies such as ‘Date’, written by Alexandre Meuris or ‘Monochrome’, written and directed by Mathieu Gilson. Then sound design entered my life. It was the moment for me to meet Jérôme Gobin, director. At the moment, I’m composing electro-ambient music for a talented young filmmaker Antoine Sottiaux.