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Composer, pianist and choir director, Olivier Bilquin is awarded a diploma by the Conservatoire Royal de Musique of Liège. Attracted by diverse classic or popular musical styles, he does not hesitate to mix their codes and tones. Olivier Bilquin composes so regularly for the theater and assures the musical direction on various shows. His arrangements for pop choirs are considered beyond the borders, some are published in the A Cœur Joie France Editions.

Je suis à toi, directed by David Lambert, orchestration

Cowboy, directed by Benoît Mariage, orchestration

l’autre, directed by Benoît Mariage, original score,

Nomination Prix Joseph Plateau 2003, catégorie meilleur compositeur belge

La Traversée, directed by Thibault Wohlfahrt, original score

La Dernière Séance, directed by Christophe Hermans et Gilbert Tirtiaux, original score

Déportés, directed by Cassandre Warnauts, original score

Clandestins, directed by  Cassandre Warnauts, original score

Stalag, directed by Cassandre Warnauts, original score

Les chevaliers du ciel, directed by Alexandra Mathelot, original score

Frontières, directed by Cassandre Warnauts, original score

Jeu de Dame, directed by Christophe Hermans, original score