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Jean-Marc Lederman comes from an alternative/industrial music background but his work has always integrate cinematic elements and moving into film soundtracks and videogames seems like a natural move.

His debuts in the music world have seen him play in bands like the iconic Matt Johnson’s The The, Gene Loves Jezebel, the very unfluential Fad Gadget, cult industrial band The Weathermen. He also made collaborative works with bands like Front 242 and french rockstar Alain Bashung for whom he write « Ode à la vie » on the highly successful and heralded masterpiece « Fantaisie Militaire ».

From the mid-90’s, Jean-Marc started to make videogames soundtracks where his cinematic and original sound made quite an impression and several games went on to be hit productions. He was drafted in as senior music composer by US top 3 videogames company Big Fish Games.

Mid-2005, Lederman pushes into movie soundtracks and he was main composer on the newly awarded « Doubleplusonegood » full feature movie but he was also second composer to Ramin Djawadi on the Canal+ production « African Safari ». So far, he has worked on 3 full features and a couple of shorts.

The originality of Lederman’s sound comes from his uncanny use of electronic elements sometimes mixed with natural sounding classical instruments used in very unclassical ways.

The recent success of movie soundtracks like « Drive » or the TV series « Stranger Things » and « Mr Robot » give a new light to his sound, be it bold and adventurous or charming and seductive.

Composers ressemblances is always a tricky question but Lederman’s sound has surely some affinity to Mc Quayle, Atticus Ross/Trent Reznor, Clint Mansell or David Julyan.


2018 : music for NDA full feature animation movie USA/B MOVIE

2018 : several music pieces for tutorial « Victoria » CORPORATE

2018 : album Eleven Grinding Songs, « Lederman/De Meyer » MUSIC

2017 : trailer for videogames for NDA US company VIDEOGAME

2017: album « The Space Between Worlds » MUSIC

2017: music for full feature movie « Doubleplusonegood » (B) MOVIE

*award* Film Playa Los Angeles Festival

2016: music for entertainment park ride « Dark ages » VIDEO GAME

2016: music for tutorial « Victoria » CORPORATE

2016: EP « Invisible Sky » MUSIC

2015: « Dragons « (Puzzle Brothers , FR) VIDEOGAME

2015: « Superstitions », album from Mari & The Ghost MUSIC

2015: “The Last Broadcast On Earth” by Jean-Marc Lederman Exp MUSIC

2014: instrumentals on « African Safari 3″D (NWave, B) MOVIE

2014: instrumental on trailer « Magic Manor » (NWave, B) MOVIE

2013: « Red Flags », album from Ghost & Writer MUSIC

2011: « Romania », album from Leatherman MUSIC

2011: « Shipwrecks », album from Ghost&Writer MUSIC

2010: « Small Distortions » album from La Femme Verte MUSIC

2008 Coyote: Tales Of Rain And Fire (USA, Merscom) VIDEO GAME

2008 Habitat Rescue (USA, Rebel Monkey game for National Geographic) VIDEO GAME

2007 SocioTown (USA, Outside The Box Software, 3D MMO) VIDEO GAME

2007 Turbogems (Iron Code, India, video game) VIDEO GAME

2007 Fever Frenzy (Legacy, USA, video game) VIDEO GAME

2007 Kudos Rock Legend (Positech UK, video game) VIDEO GAME

2007 Forces Of Arms (MMO RPG,USA, Wardog Studio) VIDEO GAME

2006 Titanic Hidden Expedition (Big Fish Game, US) VIDEO GAME

2006: « Embedded », album by The Weathermen MUSIC

2006 Atlantis Sky Patrol (Big Fish Game, US) VIDEO GAME

2006 Mystic Inn ((Big Fish Game, US) VIDEO GAME

2005 Fairies (Big Fish Game, US) VIDEO GAME

2005 Atlantis (Big Fish Game, US) VIDEO GAME

2004 Bombardier-Evinrude CORPORATE

2004 Looza CORPORATE

2004 Lyonnaise des Eaux CORPORATE

2004 Deeper With The Weathermen (album) MUSIC

2004 Lipton Ice Tea rythm box (premium game) VIDEO GAME

2000 EP « Jules Et Jim » MUSIC

1999 musique for entertainment park ride Aquaride (Nwave) *award winner* VIDEO GAME

1998: « Ode A La Vie », song written for Alain Bashung (album »Fantaisie Militaire) MUSIC

triple platinum album, 3 *awards*

1997: original music for V-Rally (Infogrames) VIDEO GAME