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The first breakthrough of Jan De Block was a TV tune for a sunday night prime time TV show, together with Jo Casters (Poesie Noire, Erotic Dissidents). It was the start of an intense cooperation.

A few years later, Jan started his own rollercoaster journey of TV tunes and music for commercial movies.

Since 10 years, Jan’s focus shifted to songwriting. Odette Di Maio (Italy) became his writing partner, which resulted in “Infection”, the first full album of Miss O in 2012.

Jan also works with Kyoko Baertsoen (ex-Hooverphonic), as co-writer/producer of her first full solo-album KYOKO


Dedicated to fragile filmic piano compositions, Silent Noise Revolution is Jan’s most recent project. Silent Noise Revolution was selected by Nils Frahm to feature in his « piano day 2016 » playlist.


Jan is specifically looking for film projects that match with his fragile piano music. His signature is a balanced mix of fragile and romantic piano with abstract sounds and noise.


46,XX (Guido De Craene, 2015)

Alice In Wonderland (OZU filmfestival, 2012)

Finalist of “new soundtrack for original movie” competition (OZU filmfestival, Italy)

Dame Blanche (Miel Van Hasselt, 2002)


Move-On TV (Belgacom TV, 2005-2009): music styling (composition&production) of broadcast station

VRT, VT4: several program tunes

(e.g. De Rode Loper, Spoorloos, …)


Sony, Parasol