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Ivan Georgiev


To see the world in sounds and music, this is a little mad for a child. Until I saw Kubrick’s « 2001: a Space Odyssey ».  Film music?! 

Just before I turned 19, I started touring worldwide with Tuxedomoon.  Whenever we wouldn’t be on the road, I wrote music on an old piano I bought on a flea-market and pursued my studies in harmony and chamber music.

The link with cinema was there already : Wim Wenders chose one of Tuxedomoon’s songs for the soundtrack of his « Wings of Desire ».  Truth is, I wrote my first track for a film back in 1985, « St Gilles Mon Biotope » a short directed by Anita Beni, assisted by better known Boris Lehman. A work for cello, tenor sax and violin: thanks to John Lurie’s « Stranger than Paradise » (dir. Jim Jarmusch), I though « I can do this! ». 

In 1997, the success of « Gabriel’s Dream » (« Le Rêve de Gabriel », dir. by A. Levy-Morelle) launched my career : awarded « André Cavens’ best Belgian film of the year », it opened doors for me to meet film directors in Belgium, France, Holland, Switzerland…  Mainly documentaries, short films and a few feature films (« Domination », « Va Petite! », « Le Dernier Plan », … full list on Ivan-georgiev.com)

To cut the story short… fast forward in 2021: after a couple of years writing songs & performing on stage as a singer (Ewan, « Back On The Roads Of Time » 2017, Freaksville Records), I started the year 21 with an exiting new release: « 21 Shards of Diamond », a cinematic chamber music score for 2 pianos, 16 strings, percussion and a singer (Ewan).   This score has been noticed and led to international contacts in the independent film industry.  Today, I’ve found a rep in LA and started to compose for film directors in New-York, Los-Angeles, Toronto, London… and still in Europe.  A first short drama, « Gregory », directed by Ben McHugh, has premiered in the 2021 NYIFA (New-York) and received 2 awards (best actors) and a nomination (best film).  For latest updates, check my IMDB.  

The past has been a great ride. The future is now. Enjoy!

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