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Hughes Maréchal composed more than 80 film original soundtracks, with inspiration reflecting his interest and passion for a large spectrum of music. His long experience as a silent movie pianist allows him to quickly adapt to and grasp a film’s rhythm and emotional intensity.

He can also rely on his extended experience with multiple instruments and time as a studio musician.

With a vivid interest in acoustic music, he enjoys the hypnotic power of atmospheric music, the lyricism and poetry that music can convey. Since the beginning of his career, Hughes has always viewed the job as a dialogue between the musician and the director (as well as the movie editor and sound ingeneer and designer) working together to serve the film. Music only has meaning if it brings an additional dimension to the visual one.

Hughes Maréchal has also developed a proven voice coaching method for actors who need to use their voices for singing or simply strengthening vocal capacity.

Hughes Maréchal

Hughes Maréchal



Zénon l’insoumis de Françoise Levie (2019) Image-création

La fine équipe de Ismaël Saïdi, 2018

Le Marquis de Wavrin, Luc Plantier, Grace Winter, 2017

Music collections Audiolibs, Hachette, Paris, 2009-2017

Bouton de Nacre

de Patricio Guzmann, Silver Bear Berlin, 2015

Quand je serai Dictateur,

de Yaël André  Morituri  Arte 2013-2014

Amsterdam Stories USA  Rob Rombout/Rogier Van Eck Saga Films 2012/2013    

Léopold III, mon père Nicolas Delvaux RTBF 2011

Kaléidoscope serie,

23 episodes (2001-2005) Wajnbrosse/Arte

Niemeyer, an architect commited to his century Marc-Henri Wajnberg (Wajnbrosse) 2000

Amsterdam Via Amsterdam  Rob Rombout & Rogier Van Eck (Asap) 1999

Sabam Awards 2014 film music for Quand je serai Dictateur,  de Yaël André, Magritte Award best documentary 2015