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Wether if it’s for a feature film, a TV-documentary or a Netflix-series – Daniel Offermann creates sonic signatures for ambitious storytelling.

His unique soundtracks fuse pop aesthetics, traditional arrangements and contemporary sound-design.

Daniel Offermann recent work includes soundtracks for the international Netflix-series THE COYOTES and the feature film WOLFKIN by Jacques Molitor or the documentary series ARCHIBELGE for national belgian public networks (RTBF / CANVAS).

The composer and multi-instrumentalist also loves to write music for theatre, immersive expositions or for his indiepop-band Girls in Hawaii.

Committed to a smooth and consistent workflow – from conception and composition up to the final mix – he also offers worldwide collaboration, thanks to audiophile quality streaming sessions.

Daniel Offermann works and lives with his family between Brussels, Cologne and Luxemburg at the belgian countryside.

He speaks German, French and English.

Visit danieloffermann.com

Mail: info@danieloffermann.com



Daniel Offermann

Daniel Offermann