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My name is Seppe Jannes Roosen, born in Tongeren, Limburg, Belgium on the 28th of July 1999. I started at the music academy where I followed music theory, music culture and French Horn. Ever since my childhood I was attracted to classical music, but soon my interest in film as well as my interest in film music began to grow . Meanwhile, my knowledge of film music, composition, film composers, etc. grown enormously. Further I conducted a composition with a chamber orchestra of 12 people. It was a composition written by me in one day. I rehearsed it with them for a few hours. And performed the piece with the orchestra on the stage at the castle of Alden Biesen.

I’m also a french horn player by the Limburg Youth Symphony Orchestra in Belgium. As also at the Royal Harmony St. Cecilia Hoeselt.

And I asked Emmy-Award Winning composer Michael Price (Television Composer Sherlock, Unforgotten … and music editor of blockbuster movies like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Love Actually, …) about my music and his response was:

“Am really enjoying ‘Aliens’. You’re doing great for 17 – nice job. Two thoughts – one is about focus. I always try and work out where the “hero moment” in a piece. What’s it really about, what do you want someone to feel, where is the climax of the piece? When I’m really honest with myself about that, I find I sometimes ramble on, So THAT thought stops me and makes me be super clear. And the other thought is about resilience, and ‘grit’.

I’m 47 now, so I’ve been around 30 years longer than you. That I guarantee if you work hard and consistently for 30 years.

You’ll be much better than I am!! Keep going, you’re doing great. Enjoy the process of writing every day, then whatever happens you’ll have a rich life already.

All the best, Michael P.”

Seppe Roosen

Seppe Roosen